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Implant cochléaire

Centre québécois d'expertise en implant cochléaire (v.a.)





Since October 2022, a new cochlear implant service has been open at the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) to provide proximity service to the population of Western Quebec. People waiting for service residing in Western Quebec can, if they wish, transfer their file to this new point of service. 

The CHU de Québec-Université Laval and its partners will continue to provide services to patients living in the east of the province. 

For more information on the new services offered at the MUHC, visit their website Quebec Cochlear Implant Program and the FAQ section


The medical aspect (surgeries and medical follow-ups) and the initial programming are done by the HDQ for the eastern Québec.
The IRDPQ works with the HDQ to ensure an optimal level of initial programming. It is also the supraregional centre for eastern Québec and oversees the intensive functional rehabilitation of users in this region.

To remain on the cutting edge of cochlear implant technology, the Centre d’expertise conducts research in collaboration with Université Laval. It also encourages its team members to improve and perfect their knowledge through the regular attendance of conferences, congresses, seminars and training sessions around the world. 

Are you a candidate for a cochlear implant? 




Dr. Pierre Ferron, ENT specialist, performs the first cochlear implant surgery at HDQ.


HDQ and the IRDPQ join forces on the Programme québécois pour l’implant cochléaire (Québec cochlear implant program) to offer comprehensive cochlear implant services.

Dr. Ferron operates on the first child in Canada to receive a multielectrode cochlear implant.


Dr. Ferron installs a cochlear implant in a 5-month-old baby, a world first.


A research study allows people with a visual impairment to receive bilateral cochlear implants.


Another research study on bilateral implantation gets underway in Québec City, this time on young children.

The first auditory brainstem implant is installed in Québec City, at Hôpital L’Enfant-Jésus.


The program is granted formal recognition under the name of Centre québécois d’expertise en implant cochléaire.

In order to offer quality services as close as possible to users’ homes, other regional rehabilitation centres can now provide intensive functional rehabilitation services (following initial programming).


Dr. Bussières operates on the oldest person in Québec to receive a cochlear implant, a 90-year-old woman.


Dr. Bussières operates on a 4 1/2-month-old baby, who remains one of the youngest children in the world to receive a cochlear implant.

Bilateral implantation is now covered in Québec by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, in limited numbers and according to certain criteria.


The first cochlear implantation surgeries are performed for people with single-sided deafness and tinnitus as part of a research study.



Early activation of cochlear implants. For the first time in North America, cochlear implants are activated the day after surgery.



Nearly 3300 cochlear implantation surgeries have been performed to date, including on the youngest patient, who was 4 months old, and one the oldest patient, who was over 91.

To learn more about the history of cochlear implantation, you can consult the article “Petite histoire de l'implant,” published in the journal Sourdine, no. 221, December 2017. This article is taken from the video “Le moulin à sons,” presented at the 3e Colloque québécois sur l’implant cochléaire (3rd  Québec conference on cochlear implantation) on May 30, 2014, to mark the 30th anniversary of the first cochlear implant in Québec.

Click here to watch Le moulin à sons 

Team Members

Surgeons (ENT)

Dr Richard Bussières (Director)
Dr Mathieu Côté
Dr Daniel Philippon
Dr Mathieu Trudel

Audiologists (Programming)

Valérie Audet
Julie Belzil
Joanie Bolduc
Francis Comtois
Sandra Fortin
Amélie Gaudreault
Jérôme-Olivier Lebrun
Marie-Ève Rochon
Nicolas Rouleau (clinical coordinator)
William Soucy

Technical support

Gabriel Bernier

Administrative staff

Josée Bélanger (L'HDQ)
Fabienne Astrou (IRDPQ)

Audiologists (Rehabilitation)

Catherine Champagne
Laurie-Anne Deschênes
Florence Dupont
Éric Huard
Mélanie Laferrière
Maryse Landry
Mathilde Lefebvre-Demers
Isabelle Millette
Catherine Savard
Geneviève Tremblay (clinical coordinator)

Speech therapists (Rehabilitation)

Myriam Adam
Anne-Marie Bégin
Mélissa Dostie

Psychologists (Rehabilitation)

Caroline Guay
Geneviève Mainville
Anne Rochefort

Specialized educators (Rehabilitation)

Élizabeth Arsenault
Caroline Couture
Caroline Gingras
Christine Leclerc
Émilie Roberge-Demers

Social worker (Rehabilitation)



François Bergeron (Université Laval et CIRRIS)
Christine Turgeon (Université Laval et CIRRIS)